Our products come with:

  • 10 years warranty for Prestige Gold brass profiles,
  • 10 years warranty for aluminium Prestige and Avangarde profiles,
  • 1 year warranty for insert elements (brush, rubber, exclusive, baize, perfect).

The condition of maintaining the rights included in the warranty is proper application, installation and maintenance of the products, in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. The BKF System company reserves the right to alter their products to introduce improvements or change their commercial offer without prior notification.

Post-warranty replacements of insert elements

BKF System doormats are an investment for years to come. High durability of our aluminium and brass profiles, as well as easy replacement of all insert elements (brush, rubber, exclusive, baize, perfect) allow our clients to save money on new doormats. Insert elements destroyed by grease, chewing gum, cigarette butts and difficult stains can be replaced with new ones without changing the aluminium and brass profiles. It is possible thanks to appropriate design of profile walls’ thickness, which prevents their deformation and allows for inserting a new insert element in place of an old one.


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